I’ve been working with SQL Server for a couple of decades now, using it everywhere from startups to massive financial instutions.
Prior to working with SQL Server in anger in real world enviornments I had the privilege of working for two database vendors (Sybase (now part of SAP) and Microsoft) and learnt some half-decent troubleshooting techniques in my time there.

When I went freelancing under the company name of Era of Data Ltd I put up some blog posts on the company web site to help fellow data pros with troubleshooting SQL Server techiques, and some of these posts became quite popular back in the day.

Era of Data is now dormant but I wanted to keep these posts up as they still get looked up now and then, but I didn’t want the cost and headache of maintaining the rather bloated universe WordPress has become. That’s when I stumbled across this brilliant post from Kendra Little which provided a step-by-step guide to migrating to Azure Static Sites which basically provide free hosting for personal sites, which is what this site now is.